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Packaging wastes are definitely not garbage. Most of the time, we throw the packaging of a fruit juice we drink, a meal we eat or a computer we just bought into the same trash with our household waste. However, packaging wastes are valuable materials that can be used as secondary raw materials in many sectors. If we are not aware of this value of packaging, we will destroy the natural resources of our country and the world with our hands every day.Considering that the limited number of sanitary landfills are rapidly filling up with our domestic wastes, it is inevitable to start looking for a more permanent solution. We should not miss a thing when we say that packaging is not garbage but a valuable material. Every waste does not turn into garbage if it is handled correctly. We can evaluate all kinds of waste, not just packaging waste. We can list these methods as follows;

Reuse: Until the time when it is impossible to reuse the packaging in its life cycle, ıt tells that it can be used until the end of its life by refilling or in the same form for the same purpose without undergoing any process other than collectionand cleaning.

Recycle: Recycling, as a term, is the recycling of post-use waste materials into production processes as raw materials through various physical and chemical processes. Recycling is a very suitable disposal method for packages that we have stated to be produced from recycled materials.

Energy recovery: It is the process of burning combustible wastes (with a certain calorific value) alone or together with other wastes in specially designed facilities to obtain heat and electrical energy.

Compost: (organic recycling) Composting is the biodegradation of organic matter under controlled conditions. In the composting process, some organic materials are broken down by CO2 and water. This process takes place in specially designed sections with a temperature of approximately 60-65 0C and a humidity of 80-90%. After processing, the waste looks like a rich soil type with a dark, humus-like texture. Thus, compostable waste can be used as an energy source instead of fertilizer with this method.