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Packaging can inform the consumer of all the features of the product. It is almost like the language of the product. With the development of the modern age, factors such as the shrinkage of families and the increase in the number of people living alone have accelerated the production of portioned packaging. Packaged products are preferred because of the limited time people spend on eating, drinking and shopping in this intense working tempo, and ease of use and transportation. Therefore, the consumption of packaged products in developing countries is higher than in less developed countries. – Packaging protects the product. – Packaging prevents the product from spoiling. – Reduces packaging costs. – Packaging gives information. – Packaging provides hygiene. – Packaging means economy. – Packaging is a protective measure. In short; Packaging is an inevitable part of our life. In short, the packaging is the protector of the product inside. It protects the product from physical effects such as hitting, getting wet, and being damaged. Packaging ensures that the product reaches the consumer in the most economical way and creates ease of storage. An important task is to provide the consumer with ease of choice and use with the information it carries. All information such as weight, price, date of manufacture, expiry date, content of the product, name of the manufacturer, description of use, etc., written on it, provide great convenience to the consumer and the seller.